Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 4/14


10 miles with ~1300ft. vert. Ran easy but felt pretty good, light, enough so to throw a little steady here and there. Have so far to go it's not even good to think about it. But the journey is ureal and, yes, epic. Health and fitness are slowly showing themselves. Thanked God a few times today for my health, for the ability to be out there running. Perfect weather. Life is good.


Some solid stuff going down this evening.

Met up with Toby for some beers and a burger. Good times.

Got to try Alpine Duet on cask, Pure Hoppiness and Pliny on draft.

The Duet on cask was so light-flavorful-IPA-refreshing (Duet's an IPA made with rye, I'm pretty sure). Haven't had a lot of beer on cask. Definitely a great find. The other two were exceptional and finishing with the Elder was an exclamation point of that beer's greatness. Wow.

The burger had brie, prosciutto and baby mixed greens. Ridiculous.

O'Brien's is definitely a good call.


  1. jealous... of the ten miler and the beer.... thinking a port "run" is in order next week.