Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday 4/17


Good news on the run today. No ill effects from yesterday. Decided against the trail; instead I hit the treadmill to make sure all is okay. If I had to go really easy, so be it. If I had to hit the stationary bike, will do. Yesterday was worrisome on the one hand, but not that big of a deal on the other. Rick gave me a little perspective and I think my diet might have contributed to yesterday's melt-down. But the biggest, most obvious observation is the HR's role in my program right now. I don't have to be too reserved on runs, but some of yesterday's climbs were too steep and long for my system.
The deal with that mountain is trails galore. There are numerous ways to go, loop around, re-join, fork, etc. I was hitting forks and just going the way I happened to be going. The best thing about ascending that knoll is the nature of some of the switch backs. They are long, which makes the mountain very runnable. It's almost like a rolling trail up a mountain though there necessary steep sections. My bad was taking a "wrong" turn which put me on a straight up section that pretty much took me to the top my first time (I turned around and went back to the summit later). That little run/fast hike section put me in the red zone I'm afraid. Then again I wasn't feeling all that great all day. So, it is what it is.

But today I've bounced back quite well. I did 7 miles on the treadmill at a steady clip, monitoring my PE and HR. Both were in check and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure I had some stuff in my throat (the clear glue I call it), but I was feeling pretty damn fresh, which is tremendous given yesterday's experience.

The rest of the day is play and have fun. Can't wait for tomorrow's 8 miles, trail.


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