Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday 4/2


6 miles easy. Tony K's write-up is brilliant and exactly how I am approaching my program. This week has been the beginning of, what I hope, a ton of consistency.

Mon. 6
Tue. 7
Wed. 6
Thr. 7
Fri. 6

You can see the pattern. I will finish this week with 7 tomorrow and 6 on Sun. I will end the week with 45 miles. Very manageable but what's more important is that I am building my strength across the board. I am recovering well enough to complete the next day's run. And I am feeling pretty darn good.

Next week I will, based on how I feel, add a little here and there though that might mean scaling back on the non-essential days. Either way, like Tony, it's about maintaining a sense of consistency. That is all.


A 22oz of great Alpine ipa.

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