Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday 4/24


7 easy/steady miles. Time to hit the road.


A ridiculous arugula/egg/avocado salad. Wow.

Then we hit the road. Got to Idyllwild around 1:30. There was a bit of snow around the cabin, so I had to shovel the stairs and deck, tidy things up, start a fire, un-pack, etc. Then it was off to Aroma's, my favorite Idyllwild eatery. I had some splendid wild veggie sammy and a salad. For sure! And a Stone IPA 22oz. Oh, I love this place all right. Decided against the Chimay and just got Stoned!

Awesome lunch. Picked-up some goodies from the store, including a 6er of Ranger IPA, and hung-out and played, waiting for the grandparents and dinner.

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