Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 4/9


8.3 miles in the UCSD eucalyptus grove. Great run. Went easy but felt solid other than a little bloated. Power bar, coconut water? Kashi cereal I ate? Hmmm. Pretty clear nose, throat and chest. I don't remember a run that felt that good. Getting stronger. 1700ft+ vertical.


Had a pint of Union Jack IPA and a 22oz of Sculpin IPA. These are two of the very finest single IPAs around.

Pretty beat. . from driving up and down SD freeways!

Time for a cold one . . .


  1. Nice job! Consistency and growth!

  2. yeah.... the consistency is rad... and so is sculpin... and sculpin on cask takes it to another level.

  3. Thanks, Tim (obe one kenobi). Sounds like you're going strong with The Wolfman.

    JW - thanks! Nice work on the cask. Can't wait for another run/beer.