Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday 4/18


Went for the grass/trail/pavement route. 8.5 miles. Started the run early for me, feeling old and tired. Finished feeling young and ready for the day. As has been the program the last few weeks, I haven't been looking at cumulative weekly mileage during the week (I haven't had any mileage targets, just the goal of running everyday). Well, I glanced last night. I was at 41.5 for the week. So I hit the eight point fiver, which gives me 50 for the week.

An even number sounds good. This number also indicates steady building. The last three weeks have been 45, 46 and 50. Okay by me. And I'm not 100%.
At all.

Goal for the next week, run every day. Simple.

Nice to see GZ did R2R2R in good form.


There will be good food and bevies for me and my lovely wife.
Day game. Taking the train to the diamond. Yeeeah.

Great game! Go Pads!


  1. Great week and steady improvement! I don't see my ticket for the game.

  2. Thanks, Tim.

    Hit-up the Rockies. Cheap-seats rule! And so does sitting at a baseball game, drinking a beer.

  3. Yeah - is it me or do you seem a lot more regular at getting at it in the last month? Well done, well sung.