Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday 4/21-2


Yesterday I ran 2 miles super ez and lifted weights. Pretty worn-out. The record will reflect a 3 mile run on Monday that might've F-ed me up. The 5 miler on a very rolling hill earlier in the day felt awesome, deep breathing, light, clear, just the way one likes. The 3 miler was stupid. It was flat, super ez and through a stadium of those wild yellow sun flowers. Like hell. I dealt with allergies as a kid and seem to be dealing with them again. All I know is I have been pretty much ruined since that 3 miler. Again, did just 2 yesterday (which made me feel a lot better).

Today, I was psyched for a 6 miler, but work took me late into the day, I had to pick-up Jack and I needed to chill. I easily could've run today but said screw it. Didn't want to. Believe me, if I don't want to do something, I won't.

Some perspective: weeks of 45, 46 and 50 might have set-up the melt-down on Monday. The lesson I learned is be smarter than that! Day after finishing the previous week's 50, hitting a killer 5 mile trail with little climbs means I am doing great. This should be a recovery week anyways. I should still get-in between 30-40. 4th week of a little cycle. Get healthy and ready for week 5!

Besides, had a tough day at the office. It was long over-due, and according to many of the students I had done a great job of displaying tremendous diplomacy. . .but I had to kick a student out of the class (for the day, mind you, not the semester). From day one, the guy has been KOOK. Pain in the neck. Need to ice my gig.

I have 15 miles on the week.


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  1. You're right, it's the perfect week to cut back, recover, then build on the previously 3 weeks when you're feelin' it again.