Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 4/15


Got in 6 miles. Had jury duty this morning - took the day-off. Made quick work of the duty (was excused) so I decided to head to the DMV to renew my expired license. I was at the DMV for about 2 hours. Turned-out I had to re-take the written test after standing in line for.. .ever. Some of the questions were hilarious, and some were tough. You can only miss 3 out of 36; pretty basic but I did not want to have wasted half my day. If you fail, you have to come back to the DMV on a different day to re-take. Uhg. I passed.

Squeezed-in the miles.


Had a Ranger IPA with a huge green salad.

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  1. Sounds like a day last week for me: 1:55 at the DMV for my CO license. It seems my license (from a state I lived in three states ago) had a national hold on it and was supposed to be confiscated by police (guess the dope who pulled me over in WY two weeks ago didn't catch that). So, I had to go home, contact the incredibly entelijent folks at the other DMV, find out that I had to pay a little $ I owed them. So, I sent the one friend I have in that state down to the DMV to pay the fee (nice guy, to say the least). Then I headed back to the CO DMV for another 1:50 and left with a temp license in hand. Felt like I was in an Office episode.

    Nice work getting in the run and beer - makes all the booboos better.