Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday 4/1


Instead of a run, I got in the cove this morning and swam to the 1/2 mile buoy. Thought I'd start the month off with a change of pace, some cross training, revisiting some older work-outs I used to do. Remember now why I haven't done much open-water swimming in a while. The water was freezing at 6:00am. And there's a higher prevalence of predatory fish out feeding during these early morning hours. A group of three swimmers out in-front proved to be the "bush-whacker" I needed. About 300 yards from the buoy, I'm turning my head for air when I hear shouting. I look up startled and see the three swimmers in-front treading water a little higher, looking around. Then they start swimming in the opposite direction, toward shore, hard. I followed suit. Fortunately, I had a gap on them, and this would become my saving grace. I hammered like Michael Phelps hammered some Cocoa Puffs after a couple of bong hits.

Turning to see my competition every 10 or twelve strokes, my hidden speed revealed itself as I got closer to safety. The red water that started to grow behind the only two swimmers in my wake prodded me to swim without even breathing, head down, flying! Damn, I didn't think I had such speed after such a lay-off. Should I return to multi-sport? Where's that Qunitana Roo wetsuit I bought 7 years ago? The morning sunlight was starting to populate the beach as more and more people, even Life Guards, were drawn toward this epic race for life (and the horrible seafood carnage taking place behind me). People in the know told me as I was drying-off that the swimming was epic, that the other survivor (only 1 of the 3 made it) and I truly made the sport proud. What a scare, right?


Actually I only ran 7 miles, nice and easy. And I stretched for the first time in a few months!

Speaking of April Fool's, I vote for Hal.


Found this on twitter. Great stuff. I happen to love kale and arugula, especially arugula.

That helped lunch (pictures). Met my wife for dinner and had 2 of the best Stone IPAs on draft ever. A good glass is a good glass. Coconut bliss dark chocolate and then it's bedtime.

Take matters into your own hands!


The boy, the attack.


  1. I didn't fall for it! Why would someone swim in the ocean unless they fell off a boat!

  2. Exactly. And I'm definitely all out of cheese.

  3. Had me for a sec, but I read this on the wrong day.