Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 4/11


7 miles steady, last mile up a gradual hill. Will probably tag-on 2 miles later, taking the 6 year-old mtbiking.

Tagged-on 2 miles with the little guy on his first mtb ride. Classic. Took a couple of diggers. It's a flat ride, but not completely flat. Actually this guy's header pic is taken of him tearing-up that area on his cx bike. That's where we ran/rode. Next to the San Diego Velodrome. Balboa Park area, near the SD Zoo.

There were some big tears because of the spills. But by the time we got back to the car he was stoked! We'll get back to some road riding to keep his drive alive, but his new dirt bike is ready to get dirty. Summer will be rad on that end.

So I did 9 miles today and according to some rough math, I did 46 miles on the week, one more than I did last week. Whatever. Details aren't even important. It's the Consistency. Honestly, I did not think I'd even hit 45 going into today (didn't even know how many I had) because I knew I had some smaller days (4 and 5+). But I just ran everyday and just went with what the day gave me (took what I could get). This week was a lot more trail, a lot more stress, so I'm getting stronger for sure. The consistency is so key. I can't wait to run tomorrow.


Had this pint of Pliny while watching a great final round at the Masters. Happy to see Phil win it for his legacy and his wife, who has been battling cancer. He's a San Diego guy. Great stuff. One commentator said if Woods had one, Karma would have curled-up and died. I don't know about that, but this tourney just seemed to play-out the way it should.

Did a little shopping this afternoon, too. "Matt, did you get those groceries I wanted?" Oh shit.


  1. Yes, you did get the groceries, the good groceries.
    Agree, about Mickelson. Happy to see him win.

  2. That's some good consistant milage, I feel like I'm pressed for time getting in only a little more and you're knocking 'em out effortlessly, well done!
    The way you have your groceries laid out, it looks like an invitation...

  3. some solid beers right there. chase the pliny with the UJ.