Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday 4/4


There's a certain balance in the air. April 4th, I did 6 easy/steady miles and wrapped-up my week with 45 going 6767676. And the bunny came through nicely. The candy is barely tolerable, but the tennis racket works. Tennis anyone?


Headed down to the desert for a little Easter brunch following the morning activities. Very mellow day other than a little driving. The weather was great desert spring-time which means a lot of sun and some wind.

We had a nice brunch. The place was handing-out mimosas (one came with most entrees), so our table grabbed some of those, a couple of people ordered bloody mary's. Is that what I had? Instead of Where's Waldo, it's What Did Matt Quaff?

I checked the lay-out upon setting-foot in the joint. What does that mean? That means scanning the bar for taps. Pretty typical selection, which, fortunately, means I made-out just fine. Stella, Blue Moon, some hefeweizen, Bud Light, a few other taps and . . . Stone Arrogant Bastard. I had one of those at home last night watching the Final Four. Big fan.

Had two of those with my turkey burger sans cheese and ended-up in the hammock at my in-laws' pad.

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