Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 4/7


6+ miles again and under perfect conditions again. Allergies still bothering but the fact that I'm running every single day and ran today after yesterday which was a little rolling trail doing 8:30s the whole way with the Walsh's is money. I'm going to try and make that a weekly outing with JW. Pretty sweet that he's running again and a relaxed trail run on the coast near a pub creates very conducive conditions. I just have to watch my recovery given a drive follows. Hmmmm. Problem solving. . .


Had a Pliny and now a 12oz of La Fin Du Monde. Beer rules. There will be a big showdown tomorrow.

West coast vs. the Midwest. And it's not basketball.



  1. Can you ride a bike to the run?

  2. I like your thinking but it would be especially long especially on a weekday.

    Thanks for the allergy tip.
    I know there are alternatives.
    I know they can be expensive and
    they're "alternative," but if it works it's worth it. I'll look into it. Add a beer to the few I already owe you.


  3. I think JW is trying to keep this running thing secret.

  4. Ooops.

    Go run with Lucho a couple of days to get that GC swagger sorta greased. You're going to run that big hole nice, my friend.

    And sleep afterwards like a college freshman on Friday night.

  5. What's the show down tonight? Bells vs. Whistles?

  6. Well, according to the street, it's over, but I will, in kind of best of 5 format, throw Hopslam up against one of SD's best craft breweries #2 beer.

    And my rubric takes into account more than just taste. Imagine the guy that says Pliny the Younger is his favorite beer. He's screwed. Accessibility is a factor, and price comes into play, as well.

    But being that I love hops, this Hopslam apparently is a tongue bruiser. I can't wait!

    Bells Hopslam vs. Alpine's Pure Hoppiness.

  7. That's going to be quite a showdown, Hopslam will not disapoint your tongue! And it will help you to pee better while you're running.