Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday 4/25


4 miles between 5200ft and 5700ft elevation in Idyllwild. It's a loop from the front door and got me back in time to check the fire (because of the heater not working, the fireplace was our primary heat source; from 4:45am on I was getting the fire back to life and maintaining, to keep my loved ones warm).

I would have liked to do 2 loops but I had many obstacles. First, I have these terrible allergies that are off the freaking chain. Secondly, a little twinge of pain in the shin area (I already know what that could mean). Lastly, my family that I wanted to make sure stayed warm in the morning cold (mid 60s during the day, low 40s at night).

But the 4 miles was perfect. Here's why. First, I felt great. See the previous day's post to see my "recovery," part of which occurred in Idyllwild. The run has ~900ft of vertical but the best part (test) is the ~mile climb at mile 2. Blessed was I to be able to run it, and feel so fresh, the result of great recovery and altitude which omits much of what ales ;-) me at sea level. Seriously. I mentioned last Monday the value of deep breaths. These Idyllwild deep breaths were treasureable (that's right). So I need to say something about these allergies, which are all about limiting deep. freaking. breaths!

I am running under a vail. What in the hell does that mean? I am so far from really running right now, from really training for anything. My goals? To be ready to trale with JW or some other local trail rat (which means float a trail and sip some ale). Race? You're kidding. I am day to day as they say in the good ole NFL. Last week is a great example. I started the week on Monday with a GREAT 5 mile trail run with some nice little climbs I steadied. The rest of the week was like a rest home. No kidding. And I pretty much found the culprit: over doing it in a field of sun flowers. I know, pathetic.

So, am I even accomplishing anything? You bet. A run like today gave me the clearance on saying I'm getting fitter. But what's crazy is I could not have clearance to run the next day! Unbelievable. I've put-in for some better meds to control this crap. My point: I am getting fit under this cloud of allergies. When I come-out, I will un-veil the real me, a getting fitter hunker of burning love.

Great run today. I thought about running on the beach this afternoon for mileage and sunlight, but I decided to stay home and do a little organizing and cherish the magnificent(ly) short run I had this a.m. Short, indeed, but it told me a lot. I felt the same way last Monday and ended-up doing 3 more in the afternoon, which ruined me! Lesson learned.

33 miles on the week. Recovery week.


As for addressing the hint of shin splint, I iced the area with snow from the cabin deck and then wore my compression socks . . .and slept in them and ran in them. I feel good right now. Another reason not to run this afternoon. Bottomline: it's all about maintaining some consistency and developing some fitness so when I come out from under this veil, I'm ready to really run.

Two cold cold drafts of Stone IPA. Damn! And 2 fish tacos.
And when I got home, a cold Ranger IPA. This is becoming a favorite.
(plus I found it at Henry's for 6.99 a sixer!).

Back away from my beer!

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