Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday 3/31


6 miles, 9:35 pace, 134 avg. HR. Slow and lovely. Three pretty good days in a row. I had a vision: When I'm finally able to run like an unhinged madman, I'll be so overcome with gratitude I'll just burst into tears and render my great run a really adorable yet pathetic event.

Watching 6 year-olds color hard-boiled eggs and trying to find the best way to connect in my community. Looks like Time Warner Cable is out and AT&T is in.


We went to Oggi's last night because we had a coupon (and on Wed. kids eat for free). Between you and me the only reason Oggi's is on my map is they have Arrogant Bastard on tap, among a string of other taps with their own sub-par "craft brews." Sound lame on my part, like I have a problem? Whatever. AB is good beer, it's on tap and the restaurant is very family friendly (games for kids, food for everyone, and TV's galore). So we pull-in.

Wife and I order a full balsalmic chicken salad, I order some wings and get Jack his little pizza. The waiter brings me a stout. I can see it landing, but don't say anything initially. I take a couple of sips. Yip, didn't order a lame coffee beer (definitely not a Bear Republic like stout). So, the guy (used to be a waiter, now just some guy. See: ETHOS) comes around again and I say, "This isn't Arrogant Bastard." He says it is. I shake my head, no. I hold it up for him to take it, he does, takes a whiff, shrugs his shoulders and walks away. He's gone for a while. I see one of the bar schleps poke his head around the corner and look at me. My wife is looking at me like a started something. I'm thinking one thing: Bring me my ale. He finally comes back empty-handed, squats down like a dog that knows it's done wrong and says, "you were right. We're out of AB." By the way, no problem, but you could just tell they were trying to hide this information, continue to operate as if they had it on tap. I say, "Bring me the IPA." This is reference to their weak IPA. He says they're switching taps now. He suggests I try their "Scottish." I guess this is an ale. At this point, I don't care.

The beer was an under-achievement. Not surprising. AB is the only way to go at such a mainstream establishment. It's a bummer to think that probably 90% of people would order AB on a night like that, get their Crap stout, or Scottish rag-weed Ale, and not think twice about it.

I am not a snob. I told my wife if beer tasted like this, I would not drink beer. That should say something about my beer program.

Come-on, Oggi's. Step your game up!

The moral of the story: Respect Beer!


  1. Given that most our country cannot run six miles, or not climb six stairs without their HR climbing over 135 (children under 18 need not apply), you have exceeded the expectations of most and hence are a madman.

    Maybe we should just cry in joy now? At least before we collect our pitchforks and take back the Constitution.

    Sorry - getting amped for a someday GC conversation.

  2. Amen. I think you'll see me in CO before GC but we'll see.