Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday 3/12


Snuck in a 29 minute run this AM which amounted to about 3.7 miles (drove it on the way home from Kindergarten). Here this: I am not really concerned with these things. I am just running these days, trying to keep it very comfortable. I felt very good and just ran, and the first half of the run is up, maybe 500ft, maybe more, I'll check one of these days. That's the neighborhood. Out the door, right is up, left is down.

Bottom line, the 4 miles this morning (yeah, I'll tag-on the extra .3 miles cuz I've been taught that's what you do) were awesome. I had a Hammer gel before the run. Plus, I have to admit that my big night of sleep included some good dreams, one of which starred my mother, which always gives me life!

Did another 6.3 miles on the treadmill. It was fine despite the epic weather. I got a taste of that on my earlier run. HR max 152 only because I finished the run with a 5% grade 3 minutes. It was a mellow run.

I finished with 10 for the day. HUGE. Things are coming around (I can only hope and keep my fingers x). I am more pleased with the 10 miles than I am my beer selection.


I also picked-up one can of the GUBNA. $4. Kinda pissed me off but who am I going to blame? A can of imperial ipa, 10%. We'll see. Sounds good.

Right now, I am enjoying the Pure Hoppiness of Alpine. Pretty nice. First sip was not too special since I've grown accustomed to the west coast IPA style. But its complex hops are starting to stir within. Big hops for sure and definitely a contender. Feeling really good and about to put together some steamed veggies, and salad with some chicken.

Now it's the Nelson. Holy shit. Alpine is an IPA orgy. Off. The. Chain. Nelson is an IPA with a little rye which definitely gives it some flavor and affects the color, etc. This is IPA heaven, ole Alpine.

Tomorrow I hope to be out the door early for a run since I have a long day of packing for our move.


  1. I have to go find some of that Pliny stuff.

  2. yeah you guys do! i picked me up a pliny and blind pig this week!

    where are you finding the alpine stuff... i can't find it anywhere up here.

  3. I love the beer comments!

    JW, i hope you got my msg. Maybe when we meet for a beer one of these days I'd be happy to distribute.

  4. Snuck in a 29 minute run this AM which amounted to about 3.7 miles (drove it on the way home from Kindergarten).

    Haven't they heard of "Social Promotion"?

  5. Hey, GS. Thanks for visiting. Looks like you run a little yourself.
    Get it, dog!