Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday 3/8


Got out for about an hour and hit some mud at Mission Trails. Pretty sloppy, but I found some good footing and climbing. The stormy conditions were, well, stormy, but no rain, just cold with a pretty soggy running surface. How can you not be a little inspired by the folks battling gnarly weather outside California as well as local folks hitting and relishing the wet conditions, even if some of them are on bikes. I guess a smidge of HTFU on my part.

5 miles and 1044ft. of climbing. Felt okay but not great. I was pretty congested. Allergies are just a bitch. I have no cold, no infection, just allergies that I have to deal with. I think running earlier in the day might help. NO dairy is a great idea. Taking my medicine helps. Today's running was the kind of medicine I want to take. I can't wait to be healthy enough to really run in the hills. I'm keeping things pretty mellow right now because it's that time of the year for me and I'm still not 100%. So, I am not going to be too bummed about the muzzle I'm sporting.

Today, I also exchanged some women's athletic tops I bought my wife for Christmas at Roadrunner Sports. She tried them on; they sucked. She said I could have the return. I got a $20 voucher from Roadrunner because of some "settlement." That 20 plus the return on the lame tops means I have $100. Unfortunately, Roadrunner Sports is LAME. Their customer service is okay, but their data system sucks (they have NEVER been able to retrieve my account even when I would pay the small fee for VIP status - that enables one a few discounts), and I'd like to have the people servicing me be actual runners. Sure, I don't know exactly what some of these people do in their spare time, but from the looks of things, running doesn't get much love.

So anyways, in 2008, when I was a VIP, I bought 6 pairs of shoes from Roadrunner, which entitled me to a free pair of shoes. This happened at the end of 2008 and when I called to collect, they mentioned they had discontinued that program. Bullshit. I talked to a manager and got my free pair. Since I was just starting to break-in my Brooks Cascadia 3s, I bought the next generation, Cascadia 4. However, I have not worn them at all since my running has been pretty limited for whatever reasons (see: HTFU!). I tried to switch the Cascadia 4, for the Cascadia 5.

Right, I know. A lot of bullshit about shoes. I want the green ones. Those Yellows are freakin' pretty bright. And ole Roadrunner denied the exchange.

Looks like I'm going to be hitting those 4s starting soon. Like tomorrow.

My 3s got pretty muddy today.

NO BEER for me.

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