Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday 3/14


Went to the park and ran a bunch of sprints barefoot. There was a whiffle ball and bat involved and a few "Hey, Dad, where are you going?" Beautiful weather and the moving is its own endurance sport. The break for the park was needed. That's it.

I think I got 35 on the week. Pretty pleased, took two days off if I count today. A few doubles have opened that can of worms. Almost anything is possible if doubles become more common. And health-wise, I'm better some days than others. I live in an old house and the moving is only stirring-up more of what the medical community has pretty much determined is my achilles heal: the dust mite. I know, everyone's allergic to dust. No, you don't know. Moving to a new place (it's a lot newer, hardwood floors) will help a ton. At least I hope.

So, 35+ not feeling 100% is great for me. The doubles feel good. The body feels good; all of that lifting is definitely paying off. If I continue to feel better, I'd like to see 40+ this week. By April, I oughta be bangin'-out 50+ comfortably feeling better and better about my program.

Don't think I'll make the GC trip with GZ and the boys. That would be a little reckless on a couple of fronts. In the end, I need to get back to CO and hope to do so in 2010, but we'll see. I just need to keep building, running more trails, climbing more as the body gets healthier and stronger day by day.


Some cold Gatorade throughout the day. And some frozen yogurt after the park :-)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Hey - no sweat. The canyon will be there. Get it on and get there when you are ready.