Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday 3/29

First . . .the ole leftover recovery. . .Green eggs and turkey "ham." Yum.


6 easy miles. Feel great. I might try to do something this afternoon only because the weather is so nice and I feel so good. But no need. Program I devised this morning after some contemplation of the importance of consistency is 6-7 miles everyday until I can handle more. All easy miles. That's the smart approach. The six today will not jeopardize the seven tomorrow. If I do more this afternoon, perhaps that undermines tomorrow. But maybe a hike this afternoon. We'll see.


Think I might get up to N. Park to watch my buddy's band.

N. Park is home to some ale houses. Pretty sure I'll hit Toronado's which is just down the street from where the band plays. I have never been to Toronados. Seems like a must.

Might hit Blind Lady's and/or Hamilton's. Sound like a little much.

A couple at Tornado's sounds perfect, especially considering what's on tap!

I decided to stay in and go to bed. Damn, I'm good.
But prior to sleep I did spend a little time on Beer Advocate,
perusing reviews of some of the beers on the local pub tap lists.

If you're going to have only two during a particular "session," make them count!


  1. Holy crap, that's quite a list on tap! I wouldn't make it out of there seeing anything but triple!

  2. Two is the cut-off. More than that generally spells trouble.

    This "RECOVERY" part of my BLAHG is no joke. The best beers for me are shortly after a run (after I've taken care of any real hydration, etc.). The buzz is bliss.

    But I hear ya. The list looks good!