Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday 3/10


9 miles ~2100ft climbing. Longest in a while. The first 2.5 were tempo (in hills) to get to my kid's school to watch him and his classmates dance and do yoga for ~ hour. That "rest" was almost too long. Then I hit a store for some vittles before finishing. Maybe a mile of flat. Hardly anything flat around here. Felt pretty damn good.

You know how while you're running/cycling/whatever, and you might obsess a little about blogging, so you think about what you're going to write. I was going to write about wealth, how I feel really wealthy. Today is a perfect example. All I'll say is I was able to drop-off my kid, go home and get a little work done, then run down to his school to watch him 'perform' at school, and continue on my little run before returning home to get more work done. That's rich. I may not have a lot of money, but I feel freakin' "loaded."

Speaking of which. . .


So far, I know PtE is coming for dinner. But we decided to postpone our recovery engagement. Instead, Hop Rod Rye drove by and got mugged. Oh my. I don't think I've had one before, which seems odd since you see it everywhere (if you're looking for such things). But this is dreamy. Great dark amber, creamy head that settles, so smooth the 8%ABV just slips through the cracks and you have yourself a good bit of irony. I'm the one who got mugged :-)

If people are interested in the best buys in ales post, I'm the guy. I am ALL ABOUT THE DEALS. And there is a strange trend. I don't have to spend much money for what turns-out to be some of the best craft beer on the market. There are, unfortunately, some rip-offs. Good beer, but way too much $$$.

A good end to a good day.


  1. You should go see this.
    Freemotion Everest Challenge in San Diego this Friday.
    I'd like to see what's most efficient for these guys as far as speed and incline...
    also, that was my deleted post above - i didn't realise I was signed in under my wife until after...

  2. I spent about 10 minutes on the website today and phone trying to find-out where it is. Nada. It's not on the program/brochure and even the rep for the convention I got on the phone couldn't find it.

    I want to go bad. Saw the link on GZ's blog. Oh well. I guess I'll go for a run in what limited time I have.