Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday 3/9


I felt great today! Good news. Yesterday's cold hilly run beat-up my little white ass. But I slept great and felt unreal today.

Big day of work. Got a lot done. Driving home I thought I might head to the gym or run around the neighborhood before I "recovered," but the "off day" certified itself. Things are going well. No worries. Having made that decision, feeling really good about it, I drove by my craft beer store looking for one particular beer company's beer.


Alpine Beer Company.

I've heard some great things about these beers and some of the best local pubs have them on tap, but I have not tried them.

Today I picked-up a Duet. Check it out. Classic west coast IPA.
Great hops, but really refreshing, 7% ABV. Less aggressive than GF IPA. Just another solid Dego IPA!

And it's not one of their hoppier beers. My guy expects some Nelson and Exponential Hoppiness tomorrow. I can't wait.

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