Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday 3/2


Mid-day 40 minute run around the neighborhood which isn't flat and I didn't care. Felt very good today. Probably the best I've felt. Lighter, clearer, thinner snot rockets, you know, all good. But I'm still hesitant to say GO.

Off to take lunch to my wife at work. That's right. That's what I call a good brick work-out. Then back to my kid's school for 2:10 p/u: "Dad, I don't want to go to [after-school program]." You got it, son. Question remains: how will I recover?


Pint of Port Beech St. English IPA.
Pour of Green Flash Grand Cru. Boom.

They had Racer 5, GF Hop Head Red, Port Wipeout, among others.

Now I'm done.
No I'm not.

Went to Hodad's for a buddy's B-day. 2 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale's on tap.


  1. I recovered with a hoppy Ranger. She made me feel all warm inside.

  2. You're the real deal.
    Angle for Imogene . . .but something further west would be cool too ;)

  3. Imogene is my favorite course. I did well my first time, then never repeated that effort. I really want to do something special there this year. I've never had more post race fun anywhere either! Word verification INTROTIO - Intro Telluride Invited Ouray.