Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday 3/7


Wow. Crazy run. Got about 25 minutes in and felt very heavy, slow, a little dis-oriented. And hungry. Found some food: protein shake, protein bar, apple and V8. Waited about 10 minutes and finished the run. I even had some oatmeal this morning and a piece of turkey bacon, preparing for the run. Not enough. I've had that feeling many times while exercising. FOOD!

65 minute fatigue-ridden run. That's what's happening right now. I've been eating and sleeping a ton. Today clinched it that that's what I'm dealing with. I have been running about 2 weeks since my "down time." I guess this is my first adjustment. I wanted to do about 80 minutes today, but I like the consistency.

I think I've done ~25-30 miles each of the last two weeks.
This next week should be more.

Checked the HR today and could not get it even close to the 140s until I ran 7:30 for the final 4 minutes of the run. Hit a whopping 147. But that is not fitness. That is fatigue. My old coach Lucho would confirm that for me if I asked him or if he wasn't such a blob snob.

Can't wait for tomorrow.


More of the Sierra Nevada I've had in my fridge.

I really like the Glissade. It's like a gooooood lager.

Sharing my beer with this

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