Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday 3/4


AM - 50 minute hilly, windy, chilly just running. Felt slow which is exactly where I'm at. A little odd to get used to these runs before coffee and my morning bowel-movement. This is a period of waking-up the system, getting back on track. Felt great to be out in the morning's fresh air. Good to be getting back my schitt.
No beer last night so I felt a little sluggish this morning ;-)

And got a give a shout-out to my Balega socks and my Skinfit shorts. It's nice to have a few higher-end items to make the experience a little more enjoyable. But that's easy for me since I prefer many times to run in regular shorts with a belt and a cotton shirt.

PM - 30 minutes on the beach. Parked in front of OB ale house, which is near the beach, so that after the run I could walk right into a pint . . .


Walked into a pint of Stone IPA Ruination.

Then went to my craft beer merchant and bought
1 22oz of Ale Smith IPA and
1 22oz of Port Hop 15.

Just kickin' it tonight. Great day of fresh air.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.

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  1. You like that Ruination, eh? Hard to turn that down. I've only had it in the bottle, would like a pull from the tap though. I just saw that Oskar has an Imperial IPA now; the can sayc Alcohol by volume 100%.