Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday 3/26


Very solid 8 miles on trail/road. We'll see how my system bounces back, but I feel great, especially after that little (and I mean little) nutrient-rich Whole Foods salad! Their beer selection is very mediocre considering what they're trying to represent.

The run was great. I finished feeling light and quicker than when I started. It is going to be a warm weekend.

This post is not finished ;-)

As I said. . .


Feeling great post that 8 miles. I said 8 miles; not impressive, but, hey MAN, it's 8. It's my wife's favorite number. Mine's 23 or 3 if you want to simplify things.

I bought 2 beers this afternoon. It's Friday, the 8th day of the week. And here we are, 2008. I bought 8 beers this afternoon (actually, I bought only 2).

They are both 8% ABV. Maybe these are in my top 8 beers all-time. Either way, Pliny the Elder and Alpine's Pure Hoppiness are epic.

And yes, my jar holds, exactly, one 22oz. bomb.

I know. Smithsonian and shit.


  1. Are you sure you didn't sneak a Blue Moon with a lemon in the mix?

  2. n f-ing way, my man.

    I would if I didn't have all of these killer hops bouncing me off the ceiling and shizzle, but . . .

    Give me some reading and thinking material!