Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday 3/21


13 miles. 3 mile hike with Jack around noon and then I got out for 10 miles. First 5 miles felt good, but the last 5 dragged. Road run. 1700+ft. of climbing though it seemed flat. The road sucks.

First day since Tuesday I was able to run. The week was hectic due to our move. No need to hash the details; we all know what moving is like. JW had a great recount when he and BGW moved a few months ago. Unfortunately, we had a ton of shit to move and a 6 year-old to keep us on our nose, toes, whatever. It's been pretty crazy. The most important part is this: I LOVE OUR NEW DIGS! Put it this way, a couple of Chargers live in the development. My neighbor says she sees Antonio Gates in the gym. Yeah, there's a gym, killer lap pool, playground, tennis courts. But that's outside. Inside, our pad is just plain dope. New. Dialed in. My backyard has a built-in BBQ. Already ran that thing with some flank steak. Money. I'm so stoked to be in and un-packing.

However, no running since Tuesday. The stress of getting up early each day and coordinating, working, moving, etc., was too much to try and mix-in a run. Even if I had gotten-up at 5:00 for a run, I'd be pushing too hard. I did not want to become obsessive about training for a race I'm really targeting in 2011 :-)

20 miles on the week. All things considered, I'm happy.
Besides, I did some serious climbing/lifting. Just ask the movers I hired.
They were impressed. Our new pad is a tri-level. And we have a lot of books.
Translation: get it, dog!

It was enough to work on the move, stay hydrated with water, and get to bed early ("maybe I'll sneak down to the gym tonight, or throw-on the head-lamp and get some mileage done." Those thoughts crossed my lame brain.). Now, it's Sunday, I feel great (have definitely gotten closer to 100% than I've been in a while), I'm watching a college basketball tourney game in my "media room," and thinking about dinner (left-over steak salad and beer).


I had a couple of beers here and there this week.

Couple of Red Rocket Ales at Sammy's with a killer Greek Salad (wife had a gluten-free beer from Anheuser Busch - you could put it in your water bottle for a long ride ;)

A few Guinness by the can.

Pliny the Elder (the first beer I cracked in my new pad. Obviously)

Bear Republic's Pale XP. Pretty good, creamy, orange but hoppy with some good herbs.

Ale Smith's ESP. Good beer.

And La Fin du Monde (the end of the world). Solid triple fermentation ale, 9%, smooth. This was gooood. And the only thing I wanted from Ralph's supermarket, which officially has the worst beer selection of all time. None the less, a solid find drinking this trappist style ale with my flank steak and wedge salad. Yum!

It's nice to be back and ready to go.

This week's goal: 45 to 50 miles.


  1. Dem der Canadiens can make a good Belgian beer, eh?

  2. Congrats on the move.

    Something I don't like about those Belgian brews. Feels like I am tasting socks or something.

  3. Happy to hear you like the new place... plenty of time to get settled and have a great running season. Good luck to you.

  4. the new pad sounds rad... so when are you inviting me and AGates over for some bbq and beers?

  5. Rick - cheers to the end of the world!

    GZ - Socks? I'm not buying that.

    Tim - Are you in CO, running?

    JW - I'll be striking-up the conversation throwing-down on the treadmill, pulling a hammy.