Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday 3/28


7 miles easy. I think this will be the regimen for as far as I can see. I worry some about my allergies. Doctors always give you that "I just farted" look, which undermines a lot of credibility, but that's, I guess, the way it is.

The run felt great. I slept well, consistency is coming back and the easy run is the name of the game. One of my favorite twitters said something to the affect of don't be a hero in the spring and a zero in the fall. I'm buying that. I have a long way to go . . .to where I want to go. So, this will be the regimen: As many ez miles as I can get in with out being completely freaked-out.

I think 34 miles on the week. Yay.


Alpine IPAs. If you aren't on these, you are on the outside looking in.

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