Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday 3/23

Happy Birthday, Mom.


(Monday I worked and recovered from that horrible 10 miler on the road.)

10 miles. Toughed it out. Tired. Slept toward a f'ed-up neck/shoulder last night. Err. Forgot how tired that'll make you by the mid-end of the day. And the allergy meds leave me a little fagged.

1800ft. of vert. and all on a trail. Stoked and wiped! Legs feel good right now. Everything feels pretty good. Just tired.


Car was parked very close to Pizza Port Solana Beach. First time I've ever been there. Good taps. No bar, but I am not complaining.

Pint of Green Flash 30th St. Pale Ale. Yum. First sip 20 minutes after my run, cocoa-nut water, Gatorade and banana.

Then had a pint of Port Shark Attack. Yum. Perfect recovery bliss after this duo.

Chilled, headed home and had a little take-home sushi and chick wrap.

I have a lot of WORK to do, but I need to double tomorrow.



  1. This is weird. I'm limited to a blackberry right now doing a little travelling. I tried to respond to your comment on my blog and I could not. So I came over here and I can post a comment no problem. Your blog is so traveller friendly! Anyway, abstenience, would abstaining mean that it's a conscious effort to not? Well my travel schedule has just increased so "recovery" has been limited necessarily. However, my work here in boston is done and I am enjoying a few differnt brews from your favorite east coast DIPA, Harpoon, it's all over Boston. I'll be home tomorrow afternoon and ready to hammer 3 days of taringing. Are you still liking the new pad?

  2. Still love the new pad.

    Trying to get some consistency going on the training front. Did 10 miles yesterday and am not feeling it today (allergies are still a BITCH).

    It's like 10 every other day. When one gets older like me, maybe that's just the deal. Whatever.

    Not too worried. Will definitely be in CO in 2011 for Pikes unless a better goal transpires. Maybe you'll be there.

    If I can manage it (training/finances/etc) Imogene would be nice for 2010.

    Keep-up the good work, my friend.
    And the picture for Blahg 3/24 is fo reeeels. P/u some of that.