Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday 3/30


7 miles nice and easy. My HR never got higher than 137 and I swear I wasn't walking. I did this run on a treadmill. Frankly, it's a great place to do this kind of "running review." The road beats me up and the "others" associated with the road can tarnish that work-out; the trail requires a stronger respiratory system than I have right now, the spring bloom is already here along with THOSE allergies, hills demand fitness I don't have, so a lot to contend with, which the treadmill systematically removes.

These easy runs are like yoga or other types of meditative exercise. Unless there is something fundamentally wrong with mechanics (or you fall-down) you can not get injured. It's almost not running. I love it for what it is.


Took the family to How to Save Your Dragon. So good. Then Stone IPA draft with a couple of onion rings. Yikes.

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